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    Update | 02/10/01 | 10:30AM EST | JC
    A very popular and very old Ah! My Goddess site is closing! ... Maybe. They need your help. For over a year, the site has been almost the largest and popular Ah! My Goddess site around, and they are planning to close. They need over 50 replies to keep it open. Even if you never been to the site plz help them out. >>AMG Central

    Update | 01/28/01 | 07:00PM EST | JC
    Site News: WOW! IT'S BEEN A WHILE!
    OK! Yes, it has been a while! This site hasn't been updated for over 5 monthes! Not to worry, because I am here! OK, so Joey P has moved on over to GUNDAMW.COM and I am happy for him. Well, as for me, I did have that lil Tenchi Muyo site, Jurai World. But I moved on once again over to Tactics. It is an Evangelion and Rurouni Kenshin site. And it is going to get hosted by! And don't worry. I will still be here to update! I miss you all very much. Please keep on coming to Tactics and!
    BTW, I also changed my email address! You can send me an email at the email address above where it says my name, JC! Also, my ICQ # is 16679770.

    Update | 08/16/00 | 04:20PM EST | JC
    Site News: WEBMASTER MOVES ON...
    Yes it is true. I am off the Gundam World site. I am known as the first creator of the site. I made if from scratch since March 2000. And it is now almost September 2000. Almost 6 monthes of great Gundam. And now I leave the site up to, the greatest of them all, Joey P. He has been one of the greatest helpers on the site. And now he has grown into THE webmaster. He is the one to help me with the site to bring it as popular as it is. I really thank him so much. And now it is time for me to move on...

    Update | 08/14/00 | 11:42AM EST | Joey P.
    Site News: New Month... New Stuff like ENDLESS WALTZ
    Hey GUYS and Gals Its HERE ENDLESS WALTZ HAS FINALLY CAME YEAH BABY YEAH CLICK HERE to goto the video section Also More Full Episodes To Come

    Update | 07/11/00 | 9:00AM EST | Joey P.
    Gundam News
    As you know well if you don't know call me and i will bomb you e-mail cause you are a retard! Endless Waltz Is going on Cartoon Network on OCT 20!!!! Yeah It is a COLLOSAL 4 stories, 12 tons, and can easily destroy any other Gundam, maybe not, but the first 2 parts were true. The Honda plant in Tokyo is assembling it for a Toyko parade and then shipping it to New York, for the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which already has Snoopy, Superman, Pikachu, Bart Simpon, Spiderman, and any other famous character you can think of.

    Update | 07/10/00 | 9:30AM EST | Joey P.
    Site News: Stuff I've Been Doing
    Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates. There are a bunch of reasons why we haven't updated. No news concerning Gundam W. 2. J.C.(the other webmaster) is Starting a Tenchi Site. 3. I have a life you know, baseball, girls, ect. I don't know if he is working still on the layout or not???. I will put a quiz and some surveys up pretty soon. Also i bought Gundam Wing Endless Watlz V - CDs Once I Get them you know they will be in the full videos section. Plus I any one wants to help post news and stuff give me a buzz @ also contact me on icq 43207125 see ya around for now. Joe P. ALSO REALLY COOL NEW CHAT ROOM UP. CHAT WITH THE WEBMASTERS ON FRIDAY NIGHT AT 8:00 PM EST GO THERE NOW. Voting Booth Up!!! Vote Now

    Update | 06/30/00 | 12:23PM EST | JC
    Site News: NEW LAYOUT and J-POP CD'S!
    Ok, the new layout should be released no later than September 2000. I am going to give you the name of it, it is called "Endless Waltz Layout". And boy does it rock! Joey P (a staff member) saw it. And some other staff members did also. They all say it "kicks ass"! So you have been warned. It is sweet. Anyways, be on the lookout for some J-Pop CD'S! I have ordered them. I have order 5 of them and the total was around $80.00. They were 15 dollars each. So look for them soon.

    Update | 06/30/00 | 9:30AM EST | Joey P.
    Site News: Gundam World Top List
    Well I finally did it. The Gundam World Top Site List is now up and running. And its looking really good. so if you wanna get in this awesome top site list on the left you'll se main click TOP SITES!!! Well have fun for now Ü

    Update | 06/29/00 | 12:30PM EST | Joey P.
    Site News: New Videos!!! Working
    Hey guys added a new full episode episode 33 and it works yes!!. Well to get it goto to mutimedia and then goto full eps. And from there you'll get your full episode so enjoy and vote for us!!!!!!

    Update | 06/27/00 | 11:30PM EST | Joey P.
    Site News: New Videos!!!....Not Working
    Hey Guys. Sorry bout the Full Episode I-DRIVE only allows 150 megs of download a day which really sux. If any one would be Willing to put them on there server i would give them credit. Umm Lets See. J.C Is working on a new Layout it'll be done in a month or two. Also!!! THANKS FOR MAKING GUNDAM WORLD NUMBER 1 ON GUNDAMW.COM WE ARE DOING GREAT THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT. Hey look at the guestbook for some good news. Plus i'm looking for another staff member to do pages and stuff if you wanna do it and have experience. Give me a buzz Ok Well keep coming and stoping by cause we update daily Alright Bye
    Update | 06/16/00 | 05:30PM EST | JC Aka Jordan C.
    Site News: Um...
    There has been lack of new lately. Probably because we are moving and updating the layout,etc. Well, I moved some files to other folders and some folders to files, etc. Well, i dunno what to say. Just saying I am alive! And below is some things you need to be updated on.

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    Gundam News: Not just Gundam News!
    Besides Gundam news, Toonami is gonna launch Tenchi Muyo and Blue Sumbarine next month! And this Monday, Sailor Scouts are here with all new episodes! Way to Go Toonami!
  • This Mobile Suit Has Been Hit Times How Can It Withstand That. "Wait A Minute Its A Gundam!!!!"

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